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Our system will identify you and purchase all the ad inventory on your behalf.

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Why We Exist

12520913_6040124343093_430637428_nOnline marketing works on a simple premise: the people who want to sell you things know who you are. When you visit a site, they can tell it’s you because of your unique identifier and because of your browsing habits. Even if you use a computer other than your regular one, they are likely to figure you out sooner rather than later and connect back with everything they have already learned about you. Of course, most of us are already aware of all this, and we see it in action every single day. You get an ad for a car you were reading about or a candy you bought a while back. The advertisers do this for a living: they are going to do anything they have to do to understand your mind and your personality. Once they have done so, their tactics can be an annoying, and that’s an understatement. Sets of ads will follow you around for days or even weeks at a time. Everywhere you go, every site you visit, you see those same faces, those same words, those same logos. It can get to be too much. At NoMo we are working to give people an alternative situation. Our software will use your unique tracking identifier to bid high on ads that are being delivered to you and then replace those ads with fun, creative content.
Finally, you will play a major role in determining exactly what you see on the Internet. This is big. Replacing all third-party advertising with content of your choosing, NoMo could show you art, family photos, event reminders, or anything else you think up. You could even have some fun with this and use NoMo to deliver love letters of embarrassing pictures to the person of your choosing. In short, we are replacing the mundanity and tediousness of online marketing with a new form entertainment. We are taking back the Internet. Our team has been developing this technology for about a year, and we are now ready to move forward. We have come to you, Kickstarter, for help raising $91k. This startup capital will cover the costs of technology infrastructure and secure contracts with existing ad providers. Your contributions are going to change the face of the Internet and make it fun again. Thank you.





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